Monday, May 20, 2013

Men's Makeup is no longer Taboo

Men's makeup is the next big gender-bending business . 

Men aren't just buying shower gels and shaving cream , either . Men's makeup is also on the rise . 

Advertisements rarely describe men's cosmetics the same way they do women's :
Eyebrow pencils are ''brow and beard correctors'' . Foundation is now a ''sculpting face stick'' or ''urban camouflage.'' And concealer - one of the most popular products - is a ''confidence corrector.''

Men's cosmetic companies such as 4Voo , Menaji , and Kenmen strive to make products and packaging seem as far from the female beauty industry as possible . 

Even big brands like Sephora and Clinique are cashing in on men's desire for ''manly'' concealer and lip balm . The goal is stealth makeup that makes men look more handsome , not more feminine.

Actually men spend more time looking in the mirror than the woman do , i think they deserve it .
Last but no least Men clients are far more easier than women's clients (personal experience).

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