Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Red Lips Secret

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist Whitey used to put 5 layers of red lipstick on her. The lipstick she wore was Diabolique by Guerlain.Like any other good makeup artist Whitey never revealed what foundation he put on Marilyn’s face. However he put loads of Vasaline on her skin to create her signature glossy look. It is rumored that Whitey made a lipgloss that he put over 5 layers of lipstick and the secret to its formula was only known by Marilyn who never shared it with anyone Also, she extended her top lip liner out at an angle above her lower lip (take a peek at the left ).
She also fully drew in the curved, rounded bow-shaped mouth on the top. 
They would also dab a white eyeshadow in the center of her lips to make them look fuller and grab the light . 

“Diabolique still exists as Insolence de Rouge 522 in the Kiss-Kiss line '' for any Marilyn fan.
An old Time-Classic Must !!!!

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