Saturday, May 18, 2013

Make-up mistakes

It's easy to slip into bad beauty habits. Start applying your eyeliner incorrectly as a teen and before you know it, you're still doing it in your 40s - which is less forgivable. But most make-up mishaps are easy to correct.
Mistake 1: heavy foundation. Think of foundation as the underwear of make-up: you want to feel comfortably covered without it being obvious to the whole world. For a natural-looking finish, apply the product only to the areas where the skin needs the coverage (such as the forehead, nose and chin) before correcting trouble spots such as dark circles with a concealer.

Mistake 2: eyeliner that doesn't line up. Most women apply eye pencil along the inner rim, which can cause moisture from the eye area to dilute the liner, giving you smudged eyes in no time. Try swapping your pencil for a gel formula that you can apply directly along the roots of the lashes.

Mistake 3: playing up dark circles with mascara. Nothing peps up tired eyes like mascara, but coating the bottom lashes exaggerates dark circles. The bottom lashes tend to sit too close to the skin, causing the hairs to cast a shadow, and the oil in your concealer also tends to send the product south. If you're desperate for definition, use a clear mascara on the bottom deck.

Be Safe !

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