Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eylure Part 2


An interesting year for Eylure (and hair!) – Eylure had both lashes and false nails in 1973 so you could complete your beauty look all under Eylure. We also dabbled in cosmetic kits – all you needed to create that amazing 70’s beauty look!


This was the year that lashes really started to gain notice again! Eylure had a new look (it was all about the purple swirl in 2004) and lashes were spotted on more and more celebs than ever.


2009 saw launch of our now famous Girls Aloud by Eylure range of lashes. This range did so much to show beauty lovers that Eylure was seriously the way to go for longer, thicker more beautiful lashes. We launched with the Girls in April of 2009 with a huge press conference and a signing at Westfield, London. 2009 also saw a brand new look happen for the brand, the look that you see on our packs today.

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