Thursday, May 23, 2013

Max Factor launches ‘72-hour’ mascara

 Ever wished your mascara could be completely sleepproof? Fans of clean pillows everywhere will be excited to hear that Max Factor has come to the rescue with a new mascara it says works like a long-lasting lash tint.
The Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara is completely waterproof, meaning it won’t come off in the shower or in the sea (good news if you’re hitting the beach this summer and planning on flashing your lashes), and the formula is said to have 72 hours of staying power.
When you want to remove the product, it’s as simple as using a cotton bud and the built-in remover
The product is set to launch online on June 5 and will hit stores on June 12.
3 days the same mascara? What happens when you wash your face ? Im not a fan of staying products on the face , specially on the eyelashes  . This product goes for a target group that are very lazy to apply a simple mascara in the morning and then remove it at night . Good Luck!
For Me is a Fail Product!

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