Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eylure Part 1


In 1947 two brothers who were working in the make-up department of some of the major movies of the silver screen era decided that what they had available to create gorgeous lashes for their leading ladies was just not enough. They created lashes that would actually stay on the eyes of the actresses, using a mixture of rubber latex glue and real hair and adding in some genuine flair - the Eylure lash was born!


In the late fifties, Eylure was all about expansion and innovation and the Aylott brothers were all about filmmaking. Despite David working on Anastasia with Ingrid Bergman and Eric going on to work on the Iconic film ‘Ice Cold in Alex’ with John Mills, they still managed to innovate with the brother creating ‘Lipfix’ the very first lipstick sealant for use in movie love scenes!


A smashing few years for the brand, it was all about lashes in the 1960’s and it was either go Eylure or go home… Lashes were naturally long, full and lovely, beautifully separated and non-clumpy! Eylure was expanding into the US and abroad, we made lashes for Max Factor amongst others whilst finding amazing innovations like the first liquid liner ever launches in the UK (that was Eylure too!) The Aylott brothers (founders) were recipients of the Queen’s award for industry at this time, their success in British industry getting royal approval

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