Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Night Only New York by Giorgio Armani Beauty

Linda Cantello, Artistic Director in Makeup Giorgio Armani Beauty, translated the "One Night Only New York" in makeup with an Urban Nude look, inspired by the pulse of New York.

The look step-by-step:


The skin is prepared with serums Crema Nera Extrema, cream Crema Nera Extrema and Eye Compact. Next Steps:

1. The new Luminessence CC cream shade # 1, this new moisturizer against fatigue, corrects, make uniform, clear and radiant skin.
2 . With Maestro Fusion Makeup, shade # 3 The skin becomes a nude, natural color.
3. With Maestro Compact, shade # 2, the defects covered. A small amount of melt in the fingers and stretching as if a fluid product.


1. With pencil "Tadzio" Smooth Silk Eye Pencil outlined the outer and inner corner of the eye to create a more "long" eye. In the mobile eyelid used the new Eyes to Kill Solo shade on shade "taupe".
Two. Fill brows and roots of lashes the same hue.


The new shade Rouge Ecstasy, "New York Urban Nude", created in collaboration with Giorgio Armani Beauty Lab Mobile, applied dab on the lips.


For this manicure using the shade "Zero" (# 101).
Finally, the completed wiping look slightly to face a small amount of the Luminous Silk Powder # 2.

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