Sunday, October 20, 2013

See what dictated the make up artists for your winter makeup

October has came and with it came the first autumn gentle rain. Time then to leave in your drawers pink and coral lip gloss and you informed on trends in makeup this winter.

1. Lips wine-colored

If possible, your point is your lips, then invest in a dark burgundy tint lipstick and you will already be in fashion. For a seductive and quite dynamic style, lips the color of red wine has been a hallmark in several catwalks, such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi's and Vera Wang.

2 . Cat eye in different version

 This year do not need to hide your love for black eyeliner, since it is the product that you absolutely must have in your toiletry bag this year. Winter ... cat eyes in makeup is more intense and the line of eyeliner wider for a more dramatic look.

3 . Grunge is back

For you fans of Grunge, you are left stuck in the 90s and ... Nirvana, it's time that you'll still be in fashion. The sloppy version of smokey eyes makeup is a must along with dark lips and white skin.

4. Shadows in bright colors

If dark shades beckon you ... depression, then the solution is intense and bright shades that are not in classic winter shades. Try bright purple or bright burgundy and will not miss.



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