Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eylure Part 3 (Final)


2012 was been an amazing year for the whole of the UK and Eylure was no exception. It started with the launch of the Katy Perry by Eylure range in sunny Los Angeles, with a huge crowd of Katy Perry fans and a few lucky winners! Then we got to celebrate the Girls Aloud 10th anniversary with the new Limited edition lash created especially for this landmark event. If that wasn’t enough 2012 marked the 65th birthday of the original false lash brand and we celebrated in style with a stunning new range of heritage inspired lashes.

Pros :
  • Great false Eyelashes , very soft  and reusable .
  • Large variety of lashes and shapes.
  • You can find them everywhere !!
Cons :
  • At the beginning they are kinda tricky to handle them but you can learn very fast . 

A Must for any time of day if you are bored using mascaras and a more healthy way for your natural eyelashes .
Go and find them !!

Estimate price 10 euros 

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