Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Art Deco All in One: Best Seller Mascara now waterproof !

Waterproof with that resists crash test for mercury

If you are in search of a waterproof mascara, we recommend you try the new proposal of Art Deco: The All in One Mascara Waterproof, gives a perfect shape to the lashes, and this is due to the successful combination of the advanced formula with its pioneering brush.

The difference lies in that it unites two brushes in one, so it offers unique effect on the lashes in one go. The silica microspheres containing add volume and length to lashes, Candelilla wax creates a protective film that prevents moisture loss and Carnauba wax provides shine eyelids while beeswax helps soften lashes.

The All in One is suitable for sensitive eyes and for those wearing contact lenses and waterproof formulas endureth hand steady for hours but is easily removed in the cleansing, leaving lashes soft and flexible.

A must Have for This Summer!!

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