Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Night Only New York by Giorgio Armani Beauty

Linda Cantello, Artistic Director in Makeup Giorgio Armani Beauty, translated the "One Night Only New York" in makeup with an Urban Nude look, inspired by the pulse of New York.

The look step-by-step:


The skin is prepared with serums Crema Nera Extrema, cream Crema Nera Extrema and Eye Compact. Next Steps:

1. The new Luminessence CC cream shade # 1, this new moisturizer against fatigue, corrects, make uniform, clear and radiant skin.
2 . With Maestro Fusion Makeup, shade # 3 The skin becomes a nude, natural color.
3. With Maestro Compact, shade # 2, the defects covered. A small amount of melt in the fingers and stretching as if a fluid product.


1. With pencil "Tadzio" Smooth Silk Eye Pencil outlined the outer and inner corner of the eye to create a more "long" eye. In the mobile eyelid used the new Eyes to Kill Solo shade on shade "taupe".
Two. Fill brows and roots of lashes the same hue.


The new shade Rouge Ecstasy, "New York Urban Nude", created in collaboration with Giorgio Armani Beauty Lab Mobile, applied dab on the lips.


For this manicure using the shade "Zero" (# 101).
Finally, the completed wiping look slightly to face a small amount of the Luminous Silk Powder # 2.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Collection - Holiday 2013

Face Palette 

 Giorgio Armani presents a 4-in-1 multicolor illuminator palette of blushing colors for the holiday season. The palette opens to reveal an illuminating, asymmetrical pattern of light purple, pink, white and orange. The compacted blush powder is dressed in signature Armani pocketbook palette in sleek, lacquered Eccentrico red with a powder blender blush.   This all-over highlighter makes a statement to light up the holidays with surrealism and festive colors.  The unexpected play of oranges, pinks and iridescent white is a display of wild fantasy.

Nail Lacquer

Giorgio Armani nail lacquers come in the season’s three hottest fashion colors to match lipcolor with a signature-red holiday cap. Transform hands into glamour and chic with these vibrant shades.

302 Clash

303 Dazzling 

502 Eccentrico 

Lip Maestro 

Three bright, merry shades to contrast from traditional rouge in orangey pinks are sure to please any daring woman. Lip Maestro is the first luminous matte lacquer to grace lips with sensual color and irresistibility. Create the Eccentrico look with this intense velvet color.

302 Clash

303 Dazzling 

502 Eccentrico 

Nude Lip Set 

Create the signature Giorgio Armani nude lip with our holiday gift. This 3 piece gift includes a Rouge D'Armani #103 lipstick, a Flash Lacquer #103 crystal shine gloss, a deluxe sample of our new Rouge Ecstasy CC lipstick in shade #400 and a signature Giorgio Armani cosmetics bag all in a deluxe gift box .

Red Lip Set

Create the signature Giorgio Armani Red Lip with our holiday gift. This 3 piece gift includes a Rouge D'Armani #400 lipstick, a Flash Lacquer #400 crystal shine gloss, a deluxe sample of our new Rouge Ecstasy CC lipstick in shade #400 and a signature Giorgio Armani cosmetics bag all in a deluxe gift box .

Eyes To Kill Set 

Create the signature Giorgio Armani Smoldering Eyes to Kill look with our Holiday gift. This 4 piece gift includes the award winning Eyes to Kill Mascara, Eyes to Kill Intense cream eye shadow, Smooth Silk Eye Pencil, a deluxe sample of Eye Makeup Remover and a Giorgio Armani cosmetics bag all in a deluxe gift box .

Monday, October 21, 2013

Best Foundation:Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

 A good foundation is the cornerstone to healthy looking, flawless skin. Well, the day has arrived – I think we may have found the ultimate in base perfection.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup glides onto skin, leaving it smooth and silky. It instantly blurs the appearance of large pores and fine lines while giving airbrush-like coverage. Seriously! It hides redness, blemishes and even dark circles. You only need a couple of drops for your whole face and the pipette applicator makes it easy to get just the right amount of product, so none will go to waste.

Think how many foundations you’ve bought on a mission for perfect skin… Once you’ve tried this, you’ll love it for life!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

After CC creams , now lipsticks CC !!

The BB creams came  a couple years ago and now there is no closet or bathroom toiletry bag that does not have one of this product . 

Specifically, the first CC lipstick now launched by Giorgio Armani. This is the Rouge Ecstasy (thus ask to stand and not lipstick CC!) While the initials of the words derived from Care + Color. What differentiates it from the rest is that it combines the moisturizing agents with the cosmetic properties of a balm - cluster "Melting Cream Complex" - combined with bold colors.

In simpler words, it is a super sophisticated lip balm with very, very intense and deep color and aging effects (when we get older our lips weaken and become thin lines).

The Rouge Ecstasy will find them in 36 colors, priced at € 32.50 ( is not a simple lipstick!) And if you are looking to test out the perfect berry no 400!

The Maestro did the miracle!

The best seller foundation  of Giorgio Armani, the Maestro Fusion, this season comes in compact version, combining perfectly the light texture of a liquid and the convenience of a compact texture.

With 30% less than conventional powder compact, focuses on the basics: powder that reflects light. Free from all unnecessary ingredients, this creamy compact is not even remotely greasy and becomes one with the skin, leaving a fresh, light feel in the face, invisible coverage and luminosity. The rich but very fine texture resembling a delicate and transparent organza: embracing the face with a delicate, luminous veil.

The vitamin E, argan oil and SPF 29 located in the heart of the formula provide moisturizing and protecting skin.

Kaleidoscope of Giorgio Armani

This season the Maestro and Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty, created a star palette for the face and eyes, two superb color combinations.

The luxurious black pouch Kaleidoscope face & Eye Palette, with stylish, magnetic clasp includes two "levels": one for face and one for eyes-what you need ie to freshen up your makeup every hour of the day!

Opening the palette, you can find a powder for the face with a subtle metallic shine, giving color health and makes the skin to be showing natural light. At the second level, shadows create a refined harmony in two different tones: The No. 1 combines a pink blush with three eye shadows in smoky purple, iridescent blue and satin gray-blue while the No.2 has a soft pink blush and three shadows in bronze brown, iridescent Jade and sea green.

See what dictated the make up artists for your winter makeup

October has came and with it came the first autumn gentle rain. Time then to leave in your drawers pink and coral lip gloss and you informed on trends in makeup this winter.

1. Lips wine-colored

If possible, your point is your lips, then invest in a dark burgundy tint lipstick and you will already be in fashion. For a seductive and quite dynamic style, lips the color of red wine has been a hallmark in several catwalks, such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi's and Vera Wang.

2 . Cat eye in different version

 This year do not need to hide your love for black eyeliner, since it is the product that you absolutely must have in your toiletry bag this year. Winter ... cat eyes in makeup is more intense and the line of eyeliner wider for a more dramatic look.

3 . Grunge is back

For you fans of Grunge, you are left stuck in the 90s and ... Nirvana, it's time that you'll still be in fashion. The sloppy version of smokey eyes makeup is a must along with dark lips and white skin.

4. Shadows in bright colors

If dark shades beckon you ... depression, then the solution is intense and bright shades that are not in classic winter shades. Try bright purple or bright burgundy and will not miss.



Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 10 Most Unbelievably Long-Wearing Lip Colors

There was a time long-wearing lipstick had the consistency of Crayola markers—without the color selection. Happily, times have changed. 




The creamy formula  feels moisturizing and has a soft sheen. To boost endurance, try this trick: Coat lips with color, then kiss both sides of an oil-blotting sheet. "This lifts excess moisture but leaves behind rich pigment, Then, add another coat.



The Energizer Bunny of lip colors, this heavily-pigmented liquid formula! To take off long-wear shades, slicking on Vaseline or baby oil and letting it sit for a few minutes. "It will break down the formula and make it much easier to remove".



It costs less than two euros , but this drugstore lip color—in Don't Blink Pink—packs a serious punch: It saturated our lips with so much color that we didn't need to touch up until lunchtime. Paint it on with a lip brush instead of applying right from the tube. "Painting it on with a brush allows the color to sink into the texture of your lips" .



With the opacity of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss, and the staying power of a stain, this Best of Beauty–winning hybrid is completely and utterly awesome, especially in shades 12 (pink-coral) and17 (fuchsia). Once the formula, a blend of water, pigments, and polymer ethylcellulose (which is where the shine comes from), is applied to lips, the water evaporates, allowing polymer film and pigments to sink in. Silicone then rises to the surface to give a reflective finish, and oils form a barrier that prevents fading for up to six hours. That's the back story—but also, who cares, because it's absolutely stunning.

Why anyone thought "tar" was a good word to slap on a lipstick. But this stain totally delivers: It sinks into lips without any tackiness and has barely any transfer throughout the day. "These intense formulas set very quickly though, so apply to the center of the mouth first,". "Then, rub and roll lips together to spread the color to the outer edges. You can go back and perfect the edges with a lip brush."

This dual-ended pen is so easy to apply—it's almost a shame you'll only have to do it once. Swipe the marker, shown here in Gothic, over lips for light coverage that's lightweight, then top with the moisturizing balm.



Glosses are usually known for their shine, not their staying power. Though the glassy finish on this one started to fade after our first cocktail, the color Imaginaire (shown) and Insouciance—lasted through two (OK, fine, maybe more than two). But like any lip product, it won't stick to dry, flaky skin. Slough off any flakes with a scrub like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, then go over them with a moisturizing balm. Let it sink into lips for a few minutes and blot with a tissue before painting on any color.



"Usually, the more matte a lip color is, the longer it will last,". But this former Best of Beauty Breakthrough winner (shown here in Barely Nude) is different: L'Oréal scientists added shine to the traditional long-wear polymer. "This gloss can deliver high shine while still clinging to the mouth for as long as the old, dry long-lasting ones," says cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. "Plus, the film that forms over the lips is fine and flexible, so the formula doesn't feel thick or tight."

"The glosses that last the longest are made with silicone,". This one's silicone base forms a barrier on lips that traps in pigment. It's concentrated with so much color (shown here in shimmery Plum Savvy) that one application stood strong through the evening.

"Pigment-rich shades like bright and dark red are also the most long-wearing,". And this smooth crayon (shown here in Damned) provides enough budge-proof color to wear on its own. "It's such a modern way to wear lip color,". But be careful about layering on too much balm or gloss: "The more moisture you put on top, the more it breaks down the pigment, and the more its likely to fade or smear."